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One of the constant aspects that affect nearly all kinds of consumers is how they discover products, service providers, trends and so forth. In the olden days, because of the lack of fast moving technologies, consumers relied on word of mouth, as well as the media to discover service providers, as well as products that answered their needs. With that being said, you will easily understand why magazines like the Consumer Report was, and still is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to helping consumers discover products, vendors, information, etc.

With the rise of the Internet, a lot of the original consumer needs for information haven’t changed on bit. They have morphed into the desire to read customer reviews, check out ratings and demos before spending. Some industries however fail to give their customers (the consumers) the luxury of checking out reviews on site before buying. In the end, we have a good number of companies, but mixed feeling customers.

Student consumers

Students spend money buying a lot of things; chocolates, dinners, and everything in between. They also buy essays from custom essay writing companies which operate online. It is of great importance for these consumers to receive the information they need before buying even though customer reviews are non-standard on websites through which they can buy papers. is one of the few essay writing company review websites whose aim is to help them find and discover excellent essay writing agencies.

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Why we review them

We have consistently witnessed the anguish students go through when they’re looking for an essay writing company to work with. A lot of them have worked with essay scams ending up hurt. We started this website to be able to help these consumers discover services that live up to their claims.

How we do it

Essentially, our system depends on reviews. We constantly look for reviews about essay writing companies- these come to us in the form of ratings and comments. The reviews and ratings mainly touch a company’s quality focus, reliability, and customer support response times. We analyze the information they share to come up with a list of top essay writing companies.

In addition, we also send out experts to review various services. From this, we are able to tabulate what a company’s strengths are: their culture, their offerings, their charges, and customer support channels, among other things that matter.